Unfair Advantage

Just came across this question on Quora:

What is the single most unfair advantage a person can have?

There are many answers which include Nurturing parents, Not needing a lot of sleep, Energy, Health, Optimism, being born in a rich and wealthy family, being born in a developed country, being white and many others. Honestly, I couldn’t just pick one although I am biased towards the answer “Not needing a lot of sleep” 🙂 . I have always believed that success  is a result of many parameters and social capital has a huge role to play in it apart from the other obvious parameters like hard work, dedication, intelligence, consistency and tenacity. On the same page was posted this image which I had also seen before on my FB wall but hadn’t shared.



We all know this on some level but how often do we forget to be grateful for all the good things in our life. So many times we take everything for granted and all that we can think of is what do we lack in our life. It is so much easier to crib about what we don’t have than look at the bright side of the picture and be grateful for our gifts. Take a moment now to count the blessings and to feel happy and grateful for everything you have in your life.

On a related note, what do you think is the single most unfair advantage a person can have?

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