Four years old

My blog completes four years this month. Of late I haven’t been a great blogger (both in terms of writing and commenting on other’s blog). But fortunately for me I have had readers who appreciated the content and given the feedback for the rare content I posted and replied to my late comments on their blogs.  I take this opportunity to once again say “Thank you!” and every one of your visits, comments and likes matter. Thanks for helping me see this blog through 4 years 🙂

Since we are talking about4 year olds, that reminds me of my childhood. The simpler times, when we were innocent and the times were simpler as well. When the heroes, villains, situations came labelled and stories had nice endings and also a “moral of the story”. Imagine a world, where the bad guys wear black (Actually, I like black so I wish they don’t), laugh in their signature bad guy style and are aptly named by their parent’s as “Krur Singh” or ‘Dushtbuddhi’. And similarly the good guys are given good names and look great and so on. Me being the trusting kid, believed when I read such stories. In fact, I idolized so many characters from those stories. Wish I knew this Japanese proverb then

If you believe everything you read, better not read.

I remember reading the Famous fives, Nancy Drews and Hardy boys and wanting to be like them. Only all attempts to do so failed. I wanted to drink ale as the characters in most English stories but when I asked around half the people did not understand what I said and the other half thought I had gone mad(Now I realise they were probably right). I also wanted to have blue eyes (Only looks good if you are white. Thank God for not listening to my prayers. God knows best!).

Then I read about these kids going to their aunt or granny’s place for vacation and we did that too 🙂 These well-behaved kids helped their aunt with setting up the breakfast table and some household work. And since I was a very good kid too, 😉 wanted to  help my gran. So one morning I went into the kitchen and started helping with some random stuff when I heard someone shouting from behind “You haven’t taken bath yet. Why are  you touching those Prasad plates?”(For the uninitiated  Prasad is an offering to God during Puja/religious ritual).  And here I thought I am helping. This is not going to deter me, is it? I took a bath came back to help when I learnt that I am too slow, don’t know how to set up the Prasad plates, …  and a million other ritualistic nuances I didn’t even know existed. That was the end of my “help elders during vacation” story.

At least I thought I will do something adventurous and  save some kidnapped kids from the nearby caves. But as it turned out, there were no caves nearby neither did any neighbourhood kids get kidnapped.  That ended my hope of being like those characters. I was disappointed but also learnt the hard way that real life is different.

I always thought I’ll own a convertible just like Nancy Drew someday. There still I do have hope 🙂 (I am optimistic you see).

I still get influenced by the books I read only now I am more selective of what I read and the influences are more subtle. And I am quite sure it is true for a lot of people. Which is why we need good stories especially the ones we read during our formative years. Which are the stories/characters who have influences you most? Have you tried being like any of them? Something like “Main Madhuri Dixit banana chahati hoon”?

Since we are on the topic f books one post you must check out Steve McCurry’s Blog Post. And here’s a thought on probably why we get so influenced by books

“Reading is the sole means by which we slip, involuntarily, often helplessly, into another’s skin, another’s voice, another’s soul. – Joyce Carol Oates”

4 thoughts on “Four years old

  1. Hi Sapna

    Nice! My blog is eight years old now and has given me immense satisfaction and joy! I’ve loved every moment of it, though I haven’t really spent any time promoting it. It has been my place that I write, think, muse, experiment and hopefully entertain.

    I hope your blog is all that to you too….enjoy blogging.

  2. All the best Sapna for more blogging years ahead.
    I think it is great to remember your childhood at times. It keeps you grounded and human.
    Enjoy Blogging!

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