The Story of – Book Review

The other day when I missed one of my courier packages. Worried, I called up their help line number. Yes, the one where you expect to get totally useless answers and a complaint number at the end. But I was in for a surprise. The response on call and the service later amazed me. I became a fan of the company. That was, and I immediately knew from which site to order my next book. So I was looking forward to reading the story of the company came to being and became what it is today.

Jaico’s creative companies series from Jaico publishers explores how today’s great companies operate and inspires young readers to become the entrepreneurs and businessmen of tomorrow. The Story of by Sara Gilbert is a book from this series.

The series targeted at the young readers is a fantastic  way to inspire young minds with the success stories of the entrepreneurs.  What better way to inspire the youth to dream on, take risks to materialize those dreams and deal with the failures en route to create amazing companies.

Like most great start-ups of our times, this one too started in a garage by Jeff Bezos and a few employees in 1995. Jeff quit his job as a senior vice-president in a New York investment company to start the company. With the advent of Internet, e-commerce was seen as the next big thing but pioneers are few and fewer of them have survived and thrived till date. Amazon is one such company.

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts” is the philosophy of the company and the strategy has paid off well for them.

Sara Gilbert has written an account concise enough to hold the attention of young readers and elaborate enough to cover all the key events in the history f the company. Pictures always add to the story and make it more readable.

The biggest take-away from the story is bouncing back from failures. A story worth having in your collection.

Title: The Story of
Author: Sara Gilbert
Publishers: Jaico Publishers
Pages: 65
Price: Rs.99


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