Chain of events

Chain snatching is a common phenomenon in India. Indians are obsessed  with gold and what better way to make some quick money than snatch the gold chains from unsuspecting ladies walking down the street.

csNot only do these thieves snatch the chains but also harm the women. To avoid getting into such situations most women these days resort to artificial jewellery.

Recently when Me and my roomie were trading our chain snatching stories, we came across one where the guy snatched a chain went off on his bike. Very quickly he found out the chain was not real gold so he came back, threw the chain on the girl’s face and slapped her hard :O Talk about misplaced sense of entitlement.

Talking about  misplaced sense of entitlement, the one that takes the cake is MCPs who believe to rape is a man’s right . Check out the recent statement by Mulayam Singh Yadav on Shakti Mills rape case.

God save our country from such #idioticLeaders. Hopefully God is listening. In the meanwhile we can do our bit by voting responsibly in this elections.

Such leaders have snatched more than just gold chains during the last 60 years. Now time has come to act. Please Vote and vote responsibly!

8 thoughts on “Chain of events

  1. Chain snatching is a hazard all women face.
    Some routine precautions will help.
    Ladies taking early morning walks are better off not wearing chains.
    While walking on the street, it is advisable to walk on the footpaths, and not too close to the kerb. This is an easy way to stay out of hand reach of motorcycle borne chain snatchers who swoop down without warning and ride off after snatching the chain.

    Men, particularly old chaps like us who cant run and give chase or resist the use of force are also vulnerable.
    When I take an early morning walk, I have only my watch to lose in case I am held up at knife point. I never carry my purse with cash and credit card inside it. No one steals watches any more. They prefer taking your cell phone.

    As regards Mulayam’s statement, what can I say except “politicians will be politicians”!

    • Agreed! We could all do with some caution. And yes the men are equally at risk here. I have had friends staying in B’lore who have been mugged at knife point. More buyer demand for cell phones than watches, I guess. Gosh! everything boils down to economics.

      I had heard from a Dad’s acquaintance who had returned from US. That it is always better to keep some money in case you are held at gun point. No money angers these muggers and they stab the victim.

      Regarding Mulayam’s statement, Abu Azmi came to his rescue pretty soon. He made a even more stupid comment. At least we now have an idea what will happen if a ‘third front’ led by such people come to power at the Centre.

  2. Even I was pretty much outraged at Mulayam’s statement . I agree upon every word that you have written! Its quite mortifying to know that Indian women are treated disrespectfully.

    • Actually making stupid comments on rape is the forte of politicians all over the World. But Indian politicians are right there in the front!

      Things are changing now. Let’s hope the pace accelerates! 🙂

      • Yes, absolutely. There is a growing hunger for well-educated and discreet-minded leaders . It would be great if this message resonated with the others as well.

      • Yes, absolutely. There is a growing hunger for well-educated and discreet-minded leaders.
        It would be great if this message would resonate with the other Indians as well!

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