Rat hole

There was time when I was looking for a PG(paying guest) accommodation to stay in Bangalore. In the most places the broker showed, I could hardly bring myself to look at the place, let alone stay there. They looked like rat holes. And obviously I did not take up the place. A rat hole isn’t my idea of home!


I was talking to a friend of mine this afternoon when she mentioned about a previous roommate of hers who owned a pet RAT! The only other person I have heard of, who owns a rat, is Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter series. I didn’t like the pet in the book and no way I can find it cute it real life. But when I started thinking about it, it is personal choice right. Who am I to judge?

Having said that, I have some personal choices too and sharing a living space with a rat isn’t one of them. Would be able to stay with a person who owns a pet rat and give a rat’s ass about it?

6 thoughts on “Rat hole

  1. As Indians, we are subjected to a lack of personal space and sharing it with anyone isnt something we like. Somehow, it seems that those on the other side of the planet live lives of such solitude that any company – even that of rats is preferred to none.
    Hope you find your home soon. Talk to your friends in TCS, Infy for listings on their portal boards. 🙂

    • @AK – Hope you liked the music!

      The post is about how unmarried people face bias when finding accommodation. I don’t want it to take a religious turn. So I am not replying on the above remarks.

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