The Archers’ Revenge – Book Review

The_Archers_RevengeEverybody has their own way of solving a problem but some people take it to a different level altogether. There was a guy who was searching for his girl friend and he ended up creating Orkut. Here is a professional blogger who wrote a book because he found it difficult explaining his job to people.  I am talking about Rajesh Kollu whose online persona is destination infinity. He is a professional blogger who lives in Chennai. He was forced to become an author as people kept pestering him with ‘What do you do?’ and they didn’t understand the answer. He blogs at

‘The Archers Revenge’ is his self-published book. But this is unlike most self-published books you will find. For starters it has a story and good one. A believable one. Fiction, unlike reality, has to be believable. Don’t believe me. Try writing a book. It is copy-edited well. The language is very lucid and the flow very coherent. It keeps the reader engaged.

It is a story of two youngsters(Aryan & Divya) who are on a mission to avenge their respective fathers death by a politician ‘Guru’. I found the unconventional plot interesting and also his idea of naming the chapters starting from negative numbers after prologue till the start of the actual story. The plot gets interesting with every page. After all who would have thought of using bows and arrows to fight in this era of modern weapons. And that too fighting a rival who is very powerful owing to his position as a Union Minister. Read the book for a more interesting twist to the story.

A very good attempt and doesn’t sound like a first book at all. I will look forward to all the future books by destination infinity.

My Verdict: 9/10

5 thoughts on “The Archers’ Revenge – Book Review

  1. Don’t you think this rating is a bit too high? I have myself read so many books that are much better 🙂 Thanks, but you should include some negative points also in the review. It’s mandatory.

    Destination Infinity
    PS: What a speed of reading! 🙂

    • I liked the story thoroughly. I forgot to mention one thing – there were loose ends and I was skeptical about the story when I was reading it. But in the end you tied all the loose ends and completed the loop. That is a mark of a good author! Hence that rating and I totally believe it deserves the rating. 🙂

      I wouldn’t say negative point but one thing you can do in the next book is play around with the language a bit more.

      I have a weakness, once I start on a book I can’t put it down until it falls down from my hands coz I have fallen asleep 😛

      • Yes I know, the simple language is (sort of) an impediment. But I cannot write any better right now! Am reading a lot of classics and other books – hope to learn flowery writing soon enough 🙂

        If I were your boss, I will keep a book open on a stand in the first page inside your cabin with instructions: “You can read this book once you have completed the assigned work.” Am sure the work will get done faster 😛

        Destination Infinity

  2. I cant believe i missed this one and that too a book written by one of the bloggers who I know .. Well done DI
    and thanks for the review sapna..

    How are you doing … been a long long time

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