I Hate Luv Storys

For a movie buff like me  not having watched a movie in the multiplex for nearly 2 months was a disturbing fact. When my rommie planned for the movie “I Hate Luv Storys” I simply loved the idea. And the money and effort was totally not worth it 😐 . The only good thing about the movie are the songs.

I thought watching Imran Khan and Sonam Kapoor would be worth it. Though both look great individually, there is no chemistry between them. The magic they speak about in the movie is missing from the movie, story and the performances.  There is nothing new in the story and it looked like the makers wanted to make a spoof of all Yash Chopra and Karan Johar movies in this one movie itself. Bruna could have been better utilised. You end up feeling bad for Sameer Dattani. While the first half was ok, second half was a disaster and we were just waiting for the movie to finish. Few of my friends happen to write nice things abt the movie in FB. Don’t know why. So you may also like it but this is just a word of caution in case you plan to watch the movie.

Looks like wait for a good Bollywood movie is not getting over so soon.


The 3-D Experience

I remember the day when I watched my first 3-D movie “Chota Chetan”. That was a time when 3-D movies were a rarity. The excitement was also partly because of the glasses which were required to watch the movie. As kids we really enjoyed the movie and the chasma experience. The quality of these Kala Chasma( Black goggles) determine your 3-D experience. Fortunately, mine was a good one. and I loved watching Chota Chetan in action.

Now 3-D has become a norm, atleast for the animation movies. James Cameroon took the experince altogether to a different level. Avatar is a MUST-WATCH. Amazing imagination and a visual treat. Nothing could have been better but the experience is totally spoilt if you happen to get the wrong glasses. It takes you atleast an hour or so to just used to the glasses. This is esp. true of one of the best( and also one of the costliest) 3-D screens of Mumbai, IMAX Wadala. The glasses are too big and uncomfortable. The 3-D glasses are more uncomfortable than watching the blurred version of movie with bare eyes. I always wondered how do people with glasses for eyesight watch the movie without them unless you wear contact lenses or the 3-D glasses are really intelligent. I thought I was the only one but after reading a article in Mumbai Mirror I found out I am not the only one 🙂 .Lots of other people detest the 3-D glasses and haven’t had a very good experience.

I hope with the evolution of 3-D movies they come up with a better way to enjoy the movie than wear those hideous glasses.

De Dana dan movie review

This is copy-pasted from my own review@mouthshut.com

De Dana Dhan is a laughter riot. Truly a Priyadarshan movie. Ultimate Confusion has been created.  I wonder how Priyadrashan conceives such ideas. Anybody would get lost in such a plot. Unlike other Priyadarshan movies which end in confusion, this one starts with confusion.

I wouldn’t delve into the story because there is no story. It is a mindless comedy. You gotta leave your brains at home before you watching this one. But what makes it worth watching is that it makes you laugh. I esp. liked the scene when Tinu Anand crashes into the mirror to catch Akshay.  All the performances are good. Amazing cast and performances. Neha Dhupia requires a special mention. The movie has its put offs though. Demeaning language like Chi***l and kutte ki pilli and of course at times you find characters plain noisy. But there is enough comedy to compensate these.
It is a very light-hearted refrshing movie and you’ll love it. Go watch it !!!

Harry Potter 6 movie

Harry Potter and the half blood prince is the sixth in the series of harry potter movies.

The special effects in the movie are great but thats about it. Not much of a story except for the teenage romance between Ron,Hermoine and Harry,Ginny. It is more like a filler preparing the base for the next movie.  The movie has some comic moments. Absence of Voldemort is felt though the movie is dark in theme( Dumbledore’s death and the sinister hallways).  Looks like there were no classes in 6th year.

It still has the Harry Potter magic but could have been better.

The Proposal- Movie review

The Proposal is definitely worth a watch. It has already managed to secure a place in my list of all time favorite romantic comedies. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds put up a commendable show.

Margaret(Sandra Bullock) is an Editor-in-chief of a publishing house and is popularly known in her office as ‘The Witch’. The moment she steps out of her cabin the word travels through the instant messenger “The Witch is on her broom”. Andrew(Ryan Reynolds) is her assistant who also loathes her.

The story begins when Margaret’s (who is a Canadian) Visa application gets denied. She is about to be deported, which also means she would be losing her job in the US. This lass quickly cooks up a love story between her and Andrew. She threatens Andrew to marry her or lose his job.

In order to sell their lie they go to Alaska to visit Andrew’s family on the weekend for his granny’s birthday. Margaret who has lost her parents at the age of 16 finds out what it is like to have a family. No prizes for guessing what happens next. Yes they fall in love 🙂 . The immigration officer Mr.Gilbertson smells a rat and is most definitely not convinced that they are in love and here comes our villian. Oscar Nunez needs a special mention here for his performance.

Nothing new about the story but has got all the elements in the right proportion. A right mix of romance and comedy. If you still haven’t watched the movie then it’s time you did.

Kambakht Ishq

It’s amazing. I discovered something about myself after seeing this movie. I have got loads of patience and I actually sat through the whole movie :).  How dare they sell these movie tickets? We should actually be paid to have tolerated the movie.

It is a typical hindi movie set up in Hollywood. Neither the drama nor the comedy is bearable. We love to see Akshay Kumar in a casanova avtar but being outright cheap…sorry Akki. Only thing worth watching were Kareena’s designer costumes and footwear. Also a couple of scenes of Javed Jaffery were ummm comic you can say. And I don’t know what made the censor board give this one a U certificate. It is most definitely not meant for ppl of all ages.

My verdict: We should sue the makers for giving this trash and charging us for that.

Moral of the story: Kambakht dil ki baatein sun kar kabhi advance booking mat karwao (Never listen to your {kambakht} heart and book the tickets in advance)