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For all those wondering about the title it means “long time No see(c)”. (PJ alert!!). That is what my blog seemed to be saying to me when I opened the page to look at the WordPress Christmas snow on my blog page.

I was lost in watching all the flash mob videos, different versions of Kolaveri Di, reading news about “Dirty picture” and wasting lots of time on Facebook. Have been ill in between and kind of became completely useless  for sometime. So my poor blog suffered from complete lack of attention.

Just re-posting a few funny tweets, I found. Of course, I hardly use my Twitter account so most of these are courtesy “Google-baba”

The first two are for the voice app “Siri” for the new iPhone

  • Q. “Siri, find me the nearest gynaecologist.” A. “Kalmoohi, kahaan muh kaala karaake aayi hai?”
  • Q: Siri, will you marry me? A: My end user licensing agreement does not cover marriage. My apologies. (Actual answer :D)
  • If one synchronized swimmer drowns do the rest all have to drown too?
  • The only way Mark Zuckerberg can get seriously injured is if Rajinikanth pokes him on Facebook
  • Hi. I suffer from amnesia. Do I come here often? 😀
  • Respect your elders!…. They made it through school without Google or Wikipedia! 😉
  • If Apple wants to sell iPhone 4s at a ridiculous price, the least they could do is replace Siri with Savita bhabhi. :O
  • Q. “Siri, explain the movie ‘Inception’ to me.” A. “Saree mein saree, Parag saree.”
  • Do you have Facebook? -yes. YouTube? -yes. Twitter? of course. Life? I opened an account but I don’t really use it!
  • You never know what you have untill you clean your room…
Till Then C ya. Take Care. Have a nice day!!

Google glitch affects Gmail

Are you one of those people who save your important data in gmail inbox? I am for sure one of them. The news that a bug in Google seems to have wiped out 1,50,000 gmail accounts came as a rude awakening to me. The affected users are able to see a welcome message just like they have opened a new account. All mails, chat logs and attachments are said to have been lost. Google claims it is just 0.08% of users, the number is still huge considering the number of Gmail users. Google engineers are still working on recovering the data.

Nobody is immune to disasters not even Google. While I haven’t been able to check out if I am one of them as there is no gmail access in office, I am wondering what do I do if I am one of them. At least for the unaffected ones here is a saviour. You can back up your mails to the hard disk to avoid such a mishap

Google turning twelve

Google 12th Bday Doodle


It is Google’s 12th birthday today. The Doodle is a simple cake with Google’s name on it and the L substituted by a candle.  Guess it doesn’t want the resources strained more after the “Google Instant” release. While I find it a waste of processing power, I thought people liked it. But found out of late not everybody is in its favor. Anyway considering that Google is a libra it may be a part of the libra vanity 😉 . 

 The Google 10th Bday page was a particularly interesting one. There was also a fake google 12th bday page with balloons and gifts which popped up when users made a spelling mistake and typed goggle instead of google.  Looks like someone wants to make the birthday more meaningful 😛 

Anyway Happy Birthday Google 🙂 

Flintstones 50th Anniversary

 Today’s(30th Sept ) Google Doodle for Flintstone’s 50th Anniversary. Must say I am loving it 😀


Finally Google is going the Bing way.  It has started including images in the background 🙂

Alternatively you could also choose your own image or photo to appear as the background to your Google homepage. You can choose an image from your Picasa Web photos, your computer or a Google public gallery.

Happy Searching!!!

Search Quest

I am back may be for the nth time 😛 At the cost of losing my readers though 😦

One of my initials posts(when Bing had just launched) included a poll: Google or Bing (in which very few people participated 😦 ) . But the answer was obvious: It was google all the way. No competition!!!

Today I happened to open Bing after a long time coz I was unable to find something on Google. I always loved the unique collection of background photos on Bing. The square boxes that redirect to some interetsing piece of news was a surprise for me. I loved the feature and the search engine inspite of it being from Microsoft 😛 . And to my joy also found the page I struggled to find on Google. I went ahead and added bing to my favorites bar.

For first use of the new shortcut, I decided to open Bing for my daily dose of news and Google news appears second in the list wheras it appears third in Google!!! Go ahead and bing for the info ( Oh I almost forgot yahoo is also a search engine. Do any of you use Yahoo for searching?)

Google Goggles

First of all, Wish you all a very Happy and fun filled New Year. May all your dreams come true this year. 2010 is hailed as the year of hope 🙂

And today it happens to be Isaac Newtons birthday. Today’s Google Doodle shows an apple actually falling from an apple tree in an animated doodle.

Google Doodle on Newton's birthday

Google Doodle

. Happy Birthday Newton !!!

In one of my previous posts I had commented how nice it would be to have an image search With the current pace of innovation it wasn’t too far and such a feature has been brought out by none other than Search Giant Google called Google Goggles (Youtube video). But right now it is only available for mobile phones running Android 1.6+. Lets hope very soon we can see one for web as well…After all we have just bid adieu to a decade of innovation…