Swine Flu Scare

Everybody loves talking about the hype that media creates for issues not very significant. The recent one being Swine Flu. So obviously most of them feel it need not be heeded. Just another piece of news. Everybody is wearing a mask for protection(atleast in Mumbai and Pune). It is the other thing most of them are aware they do not help the uninfected ones. If a mask was all it required to stop the pandemic from spreading, it wouldn’t  have been a global issue by now.

Masked crowd are thronging Malls and other public places. The Swine flu threat is for real guys. Wake up. It has already resulted in casualty. What are people expecting? Probably they are waiting for some more numbers so that they can believe.

People need to understand. If the disease spreads we don’t have enough infrastructure and resources to diagnose let alone treat. There is no point in closing down schools,colleges and multiplexes if people continue do not co-operate.