abc ababab aabb aabb aaa bbb aaaa bbbb

For all those wondering about the title it means “long time No see(c)”. (PJ alert!!). That is what my blog seemed to be saying to me when I opened the page to look at the WordPress Christmas snow on my blog page.

I was lost in watching all the flash mob videos, different versions of Kolaveri Di, reading news about “Dirty picture” and wasting lots of time on Facebook. Have been ill in between and kind of became completely useless  for sometime. So my poor blog suffered from complete lack of attention.

Just re-posting a few funny tweets, I found. Of course, I hardly use my Twitter account so most of these are courtesy “Google-baba”

The first two are for the voice app “Siri” for the new iPhone

  • Q. “Siri, find me the nearest gynaecologist.” A. “Kalmoohi, kahaan muh kaala karaake aayi hai?”
  • Q: Siri, will you marry me? A: My end user licensing agreement does not cover marriage. My apologies. (Actual answer :D)
  • If one synchronized swimmer drowns do the rest all have to drown too?
  • The only way Mark Zuckerberg can get seriously injured is if Rajinikanth pokes him on Facebook
  • Hi. I suffer from amnesia. Do I come here often? 😀
  • Respect your elders!…. They made it through school without Google or Wikipedia! 😉
  • If Apple wants to sell iPhone 4s at a ridiculous price, the least they could do is replace Siri with Savita bhabhi. :O
  • Q. “Siri, explain the movie ‘Inception’ to me.” A. “Saree mein saree, Parag saree.”
  • Do you have Facebook? -yes. YouTube? -yes. Twitter? of course. Life? I opened an account but I don’t really use it!
  • You never know what you have untill you clean your room…
Till Then C ya. Take Care. Have a nice day!!