Diamond Opportunity

I had heard of Golden opportunity but today I also heard of diamond opportunity. I saw this ad in the train today:

DIAMOND Opportunity for all housewives,students work Part / Full time. Work for 2-3hrs daily & earn 5-6000 initially. Call – 1234567890 / 9876543210″

This is customized English at its best. When it comes to language there is nothing like right or wrong.  At any point of time, the correctness of a language is determined by “the current educated usage in that particular geography”.

Most of you might have heard something like “Indian English”. Yes there are words which are only prevelent in India.The English which is spoken in India is different from that spoken in other regions of the world, and it is regarded as the unique variety which is called Indian English (Even the Oxford dictionary acknowledges  its existence). Indians have intentionally and unintentionally customized English to better suit their needs.Most Indians claim to use British english but they are only lexical similarities. Over the time we have invented our own expressions, given new meaning to the existing ones, tweaked the usage, introduced new words and so on. Some of the expressions and usage have been accepted as standard english but there are others which continue to be looked down upon.

 Some of the examples of Indian English are:

  • I am going na?  
  • He’s here no? 
  • Hero-giri
  • maacha, yaar, abey, da
  • What’s your good name?
  • She only asked me to do it.
  • hot,hot tea
  • Sit for an exam
  • pass-out of college

I am sure you all will have some more to add to the list. Happy reading and you are free to comment in any english you like.


7 thoughts on “Diamond Opportunity

  1. Using naa and noe is the worst thing you can do to English. ONe more mistake people do is to use the word ‘like’ and ‘actually’ very liberally. Another best one is “I’m having…”

    I hate it when people dont respect the language they speak.

  2. We Indians basically love khichadi and have made one of the English language as well ( actually even Hindi is not spared). I confess, my English is really terrible especially what I write ( full of grammatical errors).But I fail to understand the constant use of ‘ing’ in the sentences- everything is in continuous tense. and ofcourse the sms lingo has splt it frthr.

    Some people when they call have a habit of asking- Is it a bad time to talk to you. well, first their is no such thing as bad time and secondly a negative start to a conversation is a no-no. another one- I know someone who when calls after 7 pm instead of saying Good Evening always begins & ends the conv with Goodnight!

    Anyway before making a comment on anyone else’s English, I need to check mine… BTW I am game (unlike many I know) to improve my spoken & written English. So please feel free to point out the errors I make because I am happy to learn & improve. I you guys got the point na! 🙂

  3. And the funny thing is that many self proclaimed higher class and educated people make these mistakes a lot.
    Adding ‘s’ to words eg. anyways, I will catch you laters…just trying to sound cute. They should be told that they sound pathetic.
    There is some difference between American and British English. “Anyway” in British English becomes “Anywise” in American. The Indians misheard “Anywise” as “Anyways” and started using it. To sound cool or show that they have been to the states, whatever the case. This was just another small example.

  4. Hahahaha….. Hilarious. Nice one.

    Someone I knew started this way – Long long ago so long ago – I think, we made English, Inglish.

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