BM Day-7

Todays prompt is Music. So taking this opportunity to post a Jagjit Singh song and with Farooque Shaikh and Deepti Naval in the video it can’t get any better.

Although I like many different kinds of music – This is the my favorite. Hope you guys like listening to this song too 🙂

Here is another one of my all time favorites.

Blogging Marathon Day-6

The GateCrasher - Madeleine Wickham

The GateCrasher – Madeleine Wickham

Was wondering what to write for Blogathon Day 6 so I checked the prompt. It was “Books: Which was the last one you read? Did you like it?”

This one is easy I thought I last I read was “The Gatecrasher” by Sophie Kinsella,Madeleine Wickham. It was okay. Sophie Kinsella is the author of “Shopaholic” chick lit series from the “Confessions of a shopaholic” fame. I simply love her writing style. And all the books from the shopaholic series. But somehow I didn’t find her other books quite upto the mark. I have read The Gatecrasher & The Tennis Party are bad. The Undomestic Goddess, Can you keep a secret? are better.

Sophie is her pen-name and Madeleine is the real name. I guess she fares better when she writes as Sophie instead of Madeleine. Has anybody read her books? What do you think?

Numbers don’t lie

Blogathon Day – 4

A commonly used phrase in support of measuring and quantifying everything is “Numbers don’t lie”. Yeah true but what they forget is People do. Please lie and people manipulate. We can use numbers to tell the story we want to!

Case in point: this xkcd comic 😛

Numbers don't lie, People do

Numbers don’t lie, People do.

So stop believing all that numbers have to say. Once in a while, stop measuring everything and just enjoy life! Smell the roses!!! 🙂

Not Everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted ~ Albert Einstein

Disclaimer: I am all for numbers, just that there can be more to the story!

Mom’s Love

Day -3 of Blogathon. Posting this video.

This is actually a set of photos which were taken as a Lioness tries to save her cub while putting her own life at stake.

This is how Moms are. Mom’s love is unconditional. She takes care of even the smallest wish of her child but how much do we understand their needs.

It is time now to do something for your mom too. Just pass on this link and help your Mom enjoy the joys of Internet. Here’s a beautiful ad on helping women get online.


Introspection – 2013

This is my second post for the Blogathon challenge. And the topic is Introspection about how the year 2013 went by.

Here’s my 2013 review

Things I am thankful for:

  • New Job, new city. I was great moving here. With my Mom to help, it was a breeze.
  • Having a job that I enjoy.
  • Having loads of friends and relatives here. So it was like coming home. Hardly felt like a new city.
  • Reconnecting with old friends.
  • A lovely friend and an amazing flatmate.
  • My teammates at the workplace
  • Being able to run a Marathon even if it just 10k.
  • New friends I have made and the new people I have known after coming here.
  • All the small and big celebrations throughout the year. And all the new things I bought. Feels like new life.
  • My brother having gotten out of an accident. He had a fracture but it was still better than what could have been.[1]
  • Knowing that my folks, family and friends will be with me no matter what!
  • Doing a few things I had planned for some time now but finally executed this year.
  • Good health for the family and my dear ones.

God has been good to me this year but then you can always find something to crib about too 😛 . Here is a list of things I felt could have been better or different

  • Live in a house that didn’t need fixing every alternate day
  • Have some govt work which is pending from Oct this year. I am a tax-paying, law-abiding citizen of this country and I have all the valid documents that you could think of yet the authorities are stuck on one seal coz my permanent address is out-of-state.  Hope they realise it is just out-of-state address and stop behaving like I am an illegal immigrant!
  • Get out of the house more and wish I didn’t need to cancel on a couple of trips I had planned.

[1] – My brother was hit by a motor bike being ridden by a minor who didn’t even have license nor the patience to check for oncoming vehicles before barging in on a road in the city at the speeds meant only for highways or probably not even highways. I wish parents realise it is NOT a good idea to let their underage boys ride the bikes at home. The reason the damage was contained is because my brother was wearing a helmet. Helmet can save lives. Hope people realise this and start wearing helmets for their own safety and not just for the traffic police. In spite of a case being filed and culprit known yet to see some action. Hope to see some change there in the new year.

That was my 2013. Hope you guys had a great year and the coming year turns out better than your expectation! Happy 2014 again 🙂

Resolutions and Blogathon 2014



Hello people, A Very Happy New Year. Hope the year 2014 brings in loads of joy and happiness for you and your family! 🙂



A friend of mine sent this pic in whatsapp. I couldn’t help laughing. This is exactly how we make resolutions. We humans are indeed slaves of our habits. You know calendar has changed, we  haven’t 😛

In fact TOI had this article where celebrities were asked, which is one resolution that they make every year and break it soon and the timeframe till which the resolution lasts.

I am no different so keeping up with the tradition, let me go ahead and make some new renewed resolutions too.

  1. Exercise!
  2. Eat healthy not pseudo-healthy
  3. Lose (at least some) weight.
  4. Get out more.
  5. Do more things that scare me. Darr ke aage jeet hai 😛
  6. Post more often on blog. Successfully complete a blog marathon. Started already. 😀
  7. Successfully complete a running marathon.
  8. Stay in touch with family and friends and reconnect with some of those friends.
  9. Learn and complete a project with a new programming language.
  10. Be positive. Live more. Love more.

Okay now it sounds more like life philosophy so I am gonna stop. This is my first post in the series for Blogathon 2014 for Jan. Check out some more awesome blogs which are part of the marathon here


Blogathon 2014