A lot can happen over coffee

Tall, slim, dark brown eyes and thick black mane- that was Janvi. The kind of girl that guys look for. But at the moment she was looking into Vishal’s deep black eyes and he was looking into hers. ‘Hosh walon ko kya khabar bekhudi kya cheez hai’, played in the background. The coffee in both the cups on the table had turned ice cold from piping hot. It was like a dream.

‘What are you doing here?’, came an unknown voice breaking their reverie. Janvi turned to see a sweet looking girl sounding equally bitter, standing behind her. It was Gauri, Vishal’s new junior, whom he supposedly, was mentoring.

‘What is the girl doing with you here?’, was her next question and pat came the reply from Vishal “Oh! She is just a friend”. Janvi was shocked. She felt the ground beneath her feet collapse. Was this her boyfriend from five years speaking?

Gauri turned towards Janvi and yelled madly “I know you are his friend and all but what the hell brings you here”.

All the people in the cafe were looking at them, watching the drama unfold. Janvi was too shocked to reply and Vishal just stood dumb.

Tears welled from Janvi’s eyes as the reality of the situation sinked in her mind. Her world had turned upside down. From the past five years her life revolved around Vishal. The day started with him and ended with him. Life without him was unimaginable. She just hoped it was a bad dream but sadly it wasn’t.

Janvi started walking towards the exit. Vishal made no attempt to stop her. Gauri who was silent for a while suddenly threw her arms around Vishal and shouted “Don’t you dare come between us”. Still no response from Vishal. Janvi simply continued walking, her eyes clouded with tears…